Congradulations Kayla Kok, Our 2018 Fair Ambassador




   TaylorThis year I had the honour of representing the Glencoe Agricultural Society as their 2017-2018 Fair Ambassador. Just one year ago, two fellow contestants and I kicked off one of the hottest Glencoe fair weekends at the Friday Night Variety Show. That weekend we had the unique opportunity to have a behind the scenes view of the fair by taking part in the parade, 4-H shows, and all that the fair has to offer. It is remarkable how many dedicated hands go into crafting the Glencoe Fair.

   Since then, I took part in the Brigden Fair parade, Glencoe’s Santa Claus parade, the tractor pull and the Red Brand Show and Sale where I handed out awards to the participants. I also attended the District 13 meeting in Rodney with District 13 Ambassadors, where I was awarded Miss Congenial. In February, I participated in the OAAS convention in Toronto, where I met Ambassadors from across Ontario. It was a treat to meet so many young leaders, who are so passionate about agriculture, their community and their rural fair. To conclude my year, I had the incredible privilege of representing Glencoe at the 2018 CNE Ambassador of the Fairs program. What a remarkable experience.


   Throughout this entire year, Glencoe, as always, has impressed me with its sense of community and unmatchable support. As Ambassador, I was always welcomed with open arms, great company, and wise advice. I am proud to wear my Glencoe Fair Ambassador sash. I take pride in this community and sharing it with those that I have met throughout the year whether that be in our community, at the CNE, or at Wilfrid Laurier, my current place of study. I am so grateful for this past year as Ambassador. Whether you have supported me, our Fair Ambassador program or the Glencoe Agricultural Society with generous donations, words of encouragement, attendance, warm greetings, or volunteer work – thank you. My exceptional year as Ambassador, and the success of our agricultural society, are shaped by you and your support. Again, thank you.


   To the 2018-2019 Fair Ambassador’s contestants, you have an exciting experience awaiting you by participating in Glencoe’s Fair Ambassador program! Truly embrace the confidence and initiative you have demonstrated to take part in this opportunity; it takes a lot of courage to step forward in this way, and for that, be proud of yourself! To the next Ambassador: Congratulations! I truly loved my Ambassador experience, and I am so very excited for you and your journey ahead! Seize every opportunity, leave no question unasked and believe in yourself! You were chosen for a reason. You will do a great job, you will acquire new skills and there is a mighty community ready to welcome, support and learn from you!


   While it is bittersweet to pass on my title, I am excited to see this 50 year legacy extend on another year. It truly is an honour to be Glencoe’s Fair Ambassador – thank you for such an amazing year.


Taylor Chalupka, 2017-2018 Glencoe Fair Ambassador



  2018 Fair Ambassador Competitors

Program Information


 2018 Ambassador Committee:

Chairperson: Carleigh McInnes (1-519-614-5752) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Committee Members: Morgan MacTavish, Stephanie Towers, Taylor McLean, Carrie Fraleigh DeSChutter, Mary Anne Zwambag, Taylor Chalupka


Former Fair Ambassadors

  • 2018 ~ Kayla Kok
  • 2017 ~ Taylor Chalupka
  • 2016 ~ Lisa Bueckert & Lauren Moore
  • 2015 ~ Jacqui Walker
  • 2014 ~ Jacob Weber
  • 2013 ~ Morgan MacTavish
  • 2012 ~ Megan McGill
  • 2011 ~ Taylor McLean
  • 2010 ~ Lauren Tenkate
  • 2009 ~ Jenna Zwambag
  • 2008 ~ Jennara Field
  • 2007 ~ Kaleigh Elliot
  • 2006 ~ Jannelle Davenport (Crocker)
  • 2005 ~ Natalie Charron (Mahovlich)
  • 2004 ~ Sarah Doub
  • 2003 ~ Frances Minnema
  • 2002 ~ Shannon Havens (Thornicroft)
  • 2001 ~ Courtney McKellar (Bailey)
  • 2000 ~ Erin Blackmore
  • 1999 ~ Julie Warren (Stoddart)
  • 1998 ~ Natasja Bakker (Hammond)


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Kayla Kok


Taylor Chalupka


Lauren Moore

CNE Representative


Lisa Bueckert


 Jacqui Walker


 Jacob Weber


Morgan MacTavish


Former Fair Queens

  • 1997 ~ Loni Grover
  • 1996 ~ Robin McRae
  • 1995 ~ Marisa Forest
  • 1994 ~ Lara McEachren (Howe)
  • 1993 ~ Julie McCallum (Khan)
  • 1992 ~ Heather Simpson (Jakobi)
  • 1991 ~ Shana McEachren
  • 1990 ~ Tanya McLachlan
  • 1989 ~ Cathy Apps (Shaver)
  • 1988 ~ Yvonne Janssen
  • 1987 ~ Tina Mitchell
  • 1986 ~ Chris Sivak
  • 1985 ~ Rhonda Haggith (Linker)
  • 1984 ~ Debbie Barnes (Bechard)
  • 1983 ~ Lenore McColl (Patterson)
  • 1982 ~ Tracey Knight
  • 1981 ~ Tracey Leckie (VanVeen)
  • 1980 ~ Diane VanAlstyne
  • 1979 ~ Kathy Mayhew (Smulders)
  • 1978 ~ Ruth McLean (Hartland)
  • 1977 ~ Marlia Johnston (Gossett)
  • 1976 ~ Carol McLean (Edwards)
  • 1975 ~ Margaret Ann McColl (Sweete)
  • 1974 ~ Maria VanBurgsteden
  • 1973 ~ Mary Winship
  • 1972 ~ Cheryl Thompson(Webster)
  • 1971 ~ Linda Dobbyn (McColl)
  • 1970 ~ Carol Anne Campbell (Cuzzacaira)
  • 1969 ~ Johanna Deputter (Kahnert)
  • 1968 ~ Nancy Mahovlich (Drake)
  • 1967 ~ Nancy McKellar (Knight)

Western Fair District



As 2018 closes we have an exciting announcement: The Glencoe Ag Society is thrilled to inform that we have graciously been selected by Western Fair Association to receive $10,000 worth of funding towards improvements to our hall/facilities. Stay tuned for some exciting changes coming in 2019. Western Fair Website