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The Glencoe Agricultural Society will not be deducting entry fees from prize money won by exhibitors, but the prize money will remain the same. The only deduction will be membership of $7.00 (where applicable) for next year, thus resulting in a larger net cheque for the exhibitors, our way of saying thank you.

1. Seven dollars paid will constitute membership for one year and entitles the member to one admission ticket.

2. The homecraft displays will remain in the Agricultural Hall until Sunday September 22nd, 2019. Exhibitors can pick up their items on Sunday September 22nd 2019 at 4:15 pm. Baking sponsors receiving first place entries can pick up their specials at 5 p.m. Saturday September 21st. All other homecraft exhibits MUST remain in place until 4:15 pm Sunday September 22nd 2019. Arena exhibits will be removed between 3:00-5:00 p.m. on Sunday September 22nd 2019.

3. No exhibitor shall receive more than one Society prize on produce or manufactured articles of any kind.

4. All produce articles must be grown by the exhibitor of this year’s growth. Beans may be the growth of 2019.

5. All manufactured articles must be shown in the name of the manufacturer.

6. Not more than one entry may be made by an exhibitor in each section of the following classes: Grain, Roots and Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy Products, Home Department, Ladies Work, Junior Section and Livestock unless otherwise specified.

7. All special prizes will be awarded to the article winning the Society’s first prize, except for special prizes offered for prizes and for articles for which the Society does not offer a prize and such articles shall be judges for special prizes only.

8. No animals shall compete for more than one Society prize unless specified.

9. All livestock must be on the grounds by 11 o’clock Saturday and not be removed before 4 o’clock without permission.

10. Every facility will be given to facilities desiring to sell stock or articles on exhibition.

11. Exhibitors, upon arriving with their exhibits, will apply to the Secretary who will be stationed within the office to inform them where the articles are to be placed.

12. All exhibitors must obtain an exhibitor’s number from the Secretary and have a paid membership to exhibit articles.

13. ADMISSIONS TO GROUNDS: Daily admission of $7.00 for adults and high school aged and FREE for public school children.

14. All entries will be made with the Secretary in writing before the first day of the show. THE SECRETARY WILL RECEIVE ENTRIES BY MAIL ANY DAY BEFORE THE FAIR. Prizes will be paid as soon as possible.

15. Seven dollars will be retained from each prize cheque sent over $10 for 2019 membership. Prize under $10 will be dispersed as cash and not a cheque.

16. Any persons who shall interfere with the Judges while in the discharge of their duties, or who shall afterwards, on the premises of the Society, use any contemptuous or abusive language to any Judge in consequence of any award made by him or any person willfully violating any of the rules of this Society, shall forfeit his right to any premiums to which he might otherwise be entitled. Judges are requested to report to the Secretary.

17. All protests against the award of Judges must be made in writing with a fee of $25.00 which will be forfeited if the protest is not sustained; and all such protests and applications for corrections or errors in regard to prizes awarded must be made within one week or they cannot be entertained. Any animal or article being protested and found ineligible, the next in order will take a higher place.

18. All exhibits for special prizes will be judged by the Judges appointed by the Society and all awards made by the Judges shall be final.

19. All entries must be properly filled in for the Secretary whether special or otherwise, on entry forms provided. This rule is strictly adhered to.

20. Any members exchanging stock, grain or any articles for the purpose of exhibiting, without actual ownership shall not only be censured but shall have all prizes in every department cancelled.

21. The Board will take every precaution to prevent accidents but will not hold themselves responsible for any accidents that may occur on the grounds during the Fair.


23. All parties taking special prizes must receive a certificate from the Secretary before collecting the same, and shall forfeit all rights to the prize if not collected on or before December 15th, 2019.

24. The Board of Directors reserve the right to pay prize money at a rate on the dollar of the financial resources do not suffice to pay in full. In the event of the cancellation of any or all of the events at the Fair, due to weather or other reasons, the Board of Directors reserves the right to eliminate payment of any or all of the prize money.

25. No article may be shown for a Special unless in Open Class.

l HORSES: All horses being exhibited at the Fair are to be negative to an immunodiffusion test (Coggins test) or Equine Infectious Anemia within one year of the date of the Fair. A certificate is to be made available to Fair Board Officials.

l CATTLE: All cattle being exhibited at the Fair must have an official CCIA ear-tag. All cattle must be tied in the designated area in order to exhibit.

l SHEEP: All sheep being exhibited at the Fair must be accompanied by a certificate of health of flock of origin used by practicing Veterinarian or a Health of Animals Veterinarian within 60 days of the date of the Fair.

l SWINE: All swine being exhibited at the Fair must be accompanied by a certificate of health of heard of origin issued by a practicing Veterinarian or a Health of Animals Veterinarian or a Veterinarian of the Veterinary Services Branch, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food issued within 60 days of the date of the Fair.


The Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all exhibitors both past and present. All persons entering the grounds must pay the admission fee. NO EXCEPTIONS; everyone will be treated alike. This applies to officials of the Fair, employees, exhibitors, performers, concessionaires and fair visitors. Many years’ experience at Fairs in the United States and Canada, with the “Everybody Pays” policy has proved to be reasonable and fair and it has met with co-operative approval of the fair going public. Members will be admitted with membership passes. If you have not paid your membership or exhibited, then you will not receive a membership pass.